Pressure Gauge Working Mechanisms: The Fundamentals Discussed


How do you define pressure? In simple terms, it refers to the vertical or perpendicular force acting over a particular area. When you push your hand against a flat surface, pressure results from the force acting on the area covered by your palm. Such an explanation may not demonstrate the devastating effects that pressure can have. You can only understand such hazards when you talk about high-pressure devices such as hydraulic lifts and pressure equipment.

25 January 2021

How to Leverage Benefits of Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) for Business Growth


Although most people view POS systems as merely cash registers, their potential in helping a business to grow should not be ignored. As a small business owner, leveraging the bits and pieces of information recorded in POS systems is vital to business performance. Such leverage, however, has proven to be a challenge to most startups, thereby slowing down growth. This post highlights ways a POS system can help your business to meet its growth objectives, such as improved productivity.

13 March 2018

Common Causes of Errors When Weighing Items Using a Calibrated Scale


Calibrated weighing machines are very convenient in a retail business. Unlike their digital counterparts, work does not have to come to standstill just because of a power outage. In spite of this, you must be careful when using these calibrated weighing machines because they can easily force you into errors without your knowledge. The good things is that these errors are easy avoid and eliminate in your practices such, ensuring that you sell the right amount of goods to your clients.

16 January 2017